Let’s talk makeup.

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I love makeup tutorials on YouTube, I follow makeup bloggers on Instagram and I find serious joy in reading makeup reviews on Sephora. However, I constantly feel like I’m not that good at makeup.

It’s something that used to make me feel like it was only something I could enjoy from afar. Then I went through a phase where I thought if I watched enough videos and invested in good makeup it would all work out. I know how to get a bomb ass look- when I have 45 minutes to dedicate to doing only make up. But let’s be serious… WHO WANTS TO DO THAT?! Sometimes I do want to do that, however it isn’t something that is ideal for me on a day to day basis.

I’ve spent probably an embarrassing amount of time thinking about what my ideal daily makeup routine should be. My main goal being feeling pretty. It’s so crazy that on any given day I can brush on some brow gel, swipe on some mascara and instantly feel like I look a million times better. But I felt like something was missing to completely this look. I don’t love foundation and doing all that stuff every day, but I do really love lipstick. And that’s when I finally had the perfect routine in my head: a fresh clean face, brows gelled, a good mascara and a bold (or maybe not) lip.

Today was my first day testing it out. And let me tell ya, Rihanna’s fenty beauty lip paint in stunna not only held up to its name by making me feel as such but IS SO STUNNING.

And here is the part where I tell you that I wrote all of this just to say: makeup (and most things in life) doesn’t have to be over thought. It can be as simple as doing whatever makes you smile and makes you happy because that’s what will matter when you look back in a year or so anyway. And Jessica at Sephora who told you that she thinks it’s weird when people wear bold eyes or lips without the rest of their face done up doesn’t matter because that’s just her opinion and shouldn’t affect what you wanna do with your face!!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!! I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I want to write here. 🙂