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Yesterday while scrolling through my phone I went to look at my email and clear my notifications. I saw there was something from Groupon, normally I would delete the email as I assumed it was the site sending me deals it thought I would be interested in. A closer look and it says it’s a gift from my sweet boyfriend. I opened it to this message, “I was thinking about you and saw this. I appreciate everything you do so take this and go relax before or after our trip 🙂 I absolutely love you.” I opened it and it’s a certificate at a spa for a massage and I literally teared up!

Processed with VSCO with f1 presetUM, IS THIS REAL LIFE? My immediate thoughts went to how did I get so lucky and how much I love Drew. Another thought that came after those thoughts was how I never thought I would be in a relationship like this just a few years ago. Or, I guess what I thought was a good relationship back then is son incredibly different than now. I used to think a good relationship was someone who just showed up when they said they would or texted back in an understandable amount of time. Now I have someone who continually shows up and loves me in so many ways AND texts me back.

I guess that’s been my favorite part of my life this last year; seeing the ways my relationship with Drew is constantly changing and growing. The one thing that has been constant was our love for each other. And I’m just beyond thankful to have a partner who treats me as well as he does. He gives me more than I deserve and I can’t imagine life without him by my side and the longer we are together the more exited I get for the future we’re building together.

Lately we keep hitting these one-year milestones. Officially dating for a year, living together for a year, having our dog for a year. With each milestone I’m just reminded about how great life with him has felt. Before Drew I was never in a relationship where I felt that I was truly understood or heard. I never had someone who I could actually talk to about the things that were causing me anxiety or when I was feeling depressed. Not only can I talk to Drew but I can be so real and raw with him. I can talk to him about things that are upsetting me (although sometimes I blow things so far out of proportion… sorry babe…) I never had someone who I could go from being so lazy to so active with. I guess I never had anyone who I was living life with. In my past relationships it was like we were both living separate lives, the other was just a person passing by making a stop in the others life. With Drew, we’ve built a life that is ours and maybe that’s what is so different. So much better.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is I’m so dang in love with Drew. And I hope he knows that I realize how incredible he is and how obsessed with him (in a good way) I am. I love you and I love doing life with you by my side, babe!





Life Update:

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Hello there! It’s been a hot minute (literally it’s been so hot here in Texas). Just a few life updates with me: I am still working on the weight loss. It’s a rough road, I feel like I’ve been super inspired and worked super hard and then for a few weeks I kind of got down on myself and started not tracking my food or even trying to go to the gym. I got turned down for some jobs I had applied and interviewed for and that kind of hit my self confidence and in turn I let it get me down to the point that didn’t even want to try to work out. BUT, I’m coming back around and starting to try to work hard again. After I got turned down for the jobs I had applied to I had an opportunity for movement at my current job, so now I’m in the process of doing that! The next steps for that possible movement are a test and if I do well on the test following that will be an interview process. I’m definitely looking forward to that because over all, I’m bored and I would love to have something new to look forward to and learn some new skills!

Outside of work and weight loss stuff I mainly just hang out with my dog lately. We’ve entered this new phase with Jackie where she’s SO FREAKING CUTE AND SWEET. There was a rough patch where she was the naughtiest dog in the world but she’s come around and has started to be so good and so much fun to have in our life! We love her to pieces and I can’t imagine life without her anymore.

The current most exciting thing we are looking forward to is WE’RE GONNA RENT A HOUSE hopefully! Yesterday we went out with a realtor and found the most amazing place that would work so well for our little family and my boyfriends sister who would move in with us as well. The kitchen is so big, there are windows all over and the house is so light AND our closet is big enough to fit in a twin sized bed and still have room for all of our stuff. I think the biggest reason I’m excited for this chapter in life is because we plan to sign a long lease and save up for a house to buy in the next few years. which is the MOST exciting thing to look forward to.

Anyway, that’s a little update with me. I’m happy and life is good. 🙂



How I stay organized.

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Life is busy and over the years (literally since middle school or so) I have always just lived by writing things down. I started by making notes on my hand, reminders of homework or a friends phone number, then gradually started opting for scratch pieces of paper and then dedicating whole notebooks for my list making needs. In more recent years I’ve started trying to do more than make lists and start planning things out in my life. Enter: planners. Since the start of me using planners I’ve never found one I love. I have found one or two things I love about several different planners but couldn’t figure out how to get the perfect planner that met all of my needs. This past Christmas my brother gave me a notebook. The pages were filled with little dots instead of lines and I had no clue why or what I was supposed to do with this book until my brother had asked if I got the bullet journal he got me. I immediately googled what a bullet journal was and thus I had finally found a planner that met all of my needs.

If you have no idea what a bullet journal is, a simple explanation is a book with pages filled with dots (or it can be lined, or the pages can be completely blank) that you use to stay organized. Staying organized has a completely different meaning to everyone. For me it’s my planner. In the first pages I have an overview of the entire year, each month is mapped out and I’ve gone through adding symbols that stand for different things – which I have defined in a key at the first of my journal. After that I have pages full of lists- books I want to read, movies I want to see, habits I want to focus on. Then the pages I do with every new month: my monthly spread. Part of what I have so enjoyed about my BuJo is the ways I’m able to be creative and the fact that each month I can try new set ups to figure out what I like the absolute best. It’s a fun way to flex my creative muscles while actively trying to organize my life.

And now, I’m going to walk you through my spread for the month of May. I was heavily influenced in my theme by Amanda Rach Lee on youtube, if you would like a tutorial of how to draw the florals I did check our her video here!

First things first, the title page. This essentially just separates the new month from the old month. It also introduces the theme that I plan to use on the pages that follow.

The first thing I do is get all my tools, my journal, the markers I’m currently liking most and my computer for inspiration as I go and for music because while I enjoy doing these spreads the monthly always takes the most time for me. I start by using a pencil first and sketching things out so I know they are where I want them before I put it all down with pen and potentially ruin the page. After I have it sketched out to where I like it I got to town with my pens and markers creating the title page.

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Here is the finished title page! I felt like the page next to it was looking plain, and I recently read this quote and really loved it. Although you can see where I messed up on the border for the quote I still really like how this turned out!

Here’s the part where straight lines and precision are needed. Which I’m not great at, but I’m getting better! If you look closely you can see that I ditched the pencil early instead of fully mapping out my calendar and somehow ended with an extra week for the month… I was frustrated but figured out a way to fix it.. peep the finished product below —>

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

As you can see I continued the theme and added another quote. Mainly to not have the purple floral take over toooo much of the page. Also, I just like quotes so I added a quote! Next are some of my favorite pages to do. Mainly because I love goal setting and tracking things. Every month I select a few habits I want to work on and write them down, I put them on a page as shown and then I put a tracker to see my progress on each of my weekly spreads. I also am working really hard this year to track my spending and see where all my money goes in the hopes of saving more money. I’m not sure it’s working how I would like but I’m not giving up!

After I have all of the ‘monthly’ stuff set up, then I do a weekly spread. This spread is meant to track daily activities or tasks I need to do in that given week and also has a tracker to help me keep myself accountable for the habits I am trying to work on.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Staying organized and planning things out is important in my life because I’ve found I am very willing to be lazy and do nothing if I allow it. Having a planner I actually like using has helped in so many ways with my productivity.  Hope you enjoyed reading this post! If not, let me know! This blog is still a work in progress with the things I want to share and I am always open to new ideas on posts for the future!




tools used: my journaltombow pastel markers setmy favorite sharpie pen.

Hey there!

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I’m Brooke, as I’m sure you have guessed. I’m a 20-something year old based in Austin, TX. This blog is about all things that involve being me! I know what you’re thinking, “ugh another white girl with a blog!?” and that’s totally okay! This blog is for me and anyone else who isn’t quite over the whole blogging thing. 😉 Blogging is one of my favorite forms of being creative and helps me unlock alllll the ideas I could ever want.

In this blog I plan to share and focus on the things I love most! Some of those things being: my city, my dog, cooking/eating good food, weight-loss/getting back into the gym and working on my fitness (queue Fergalicious), and probably at some point in the future my artwork/calligraphy/doodles.

I’m really excited for all of the possibilities this new chapter can present to me and I’m so glad to have you here! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come again soon!


xoxo – bB.