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Yesterday while scrolling through my phone I went to look at my email and clear my notifications. I saw there was something from Groupon, normally I would delete the email as I assumed it was the site sending me deals it thought I would be interested in. A closer look and it says it’s a gift from my sweet boyfriend. I opened it to this message, “I was thinking about you and saw this. I appreciate everything you do so take this and go relax before or after our trip 🙂 I absolutely love you.” I opened it and it’s a certificate at a spa for a massage and I literally teared up!

Processed with VSCO with f1 presetUM, IS THIS REAL LIFE? My immediate thoughts went to how did I get so lucky and how much I love Drew. Another thought that came after those thoughts was how I never thought I would be in a relationship like this just a few years ago. Or, I guess what I thought was a good relationship back then is son incredibly different than now. I used to think a good relationship was someone who just showed up when they said they would or texted back in an understandable amount of time. Now I have someone who continually shows up and loves me in so many ways AND texts me back.

I guess that’s been my favorite part of my life this last year; seeing the ways my relationship with Drew is constantly changing and growing. The one thing that has been constant was our love for each other. And I’m just beyond thankful to have a partner who treats me as well as he does. He gives me more than I deserve and I can’t imagine life without him by my side and the longer we are together the more exited I get for the future we’re building together.

Lately we keep hitting these one-year milestones. Officially dating for a year, living together for a year, having our dog for a year. With each milestone I’m just reminded about how great life with him has felt. Before Drew I was never in a relationship where I felt that I was truly understood or heard. I never had someone who I could actually talk to about the things that were causing me anxiety or when I was feeling depressed. Not only can I talk to Drew but I can be so real and raw with him. I can talk to him about things that are upsetting me (although sometimes I blow things so far out of proportion… sorry babe…) I never had someone who I could go from being so lazy to so active with. I guess I never had anyone who I was living life with. In my past relationships it was like we were both living separate lives, the other was just a person passing by making a stop in the others life. With Drew, we’ve built a life that is ours and maybe that’s what is so different. So much better.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is I’m so dang in love with Drew. And I hope he knows that I realize how incredible he is and how obsessed with him (in a good way) I am. I love you and I love doing life with you by my side, babe!





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