Life Update:

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Hello there! It’s been a hot minute (literally it’s been so hot here in Texas). Just a few life updates with me: I am still working on the weight loss. It’s a rough road, I feel like I’ve been super inspired and worked super hard and then for a few weeks I kind of got down on myself and started not tracking my food or even trying to go to the gym. I got turned down for some jobs I had applied and interviewed for and that kind of hit my self confidence and in turn I let it get me down to the point that didn’t even want to try to work out. BUT, I’m coming back around and starting to try to work hard again. After I got turned down for the jobs I had applied to I had an opportunity for movement at my current job, so now I’m in the process of doing that! The next steps for that possible movement are a test and if I do well on the test following that will be an interview process. I’m definitely looking forward to that because over all, I’m bored and I would love to have something new to look forward to and learn some new skills!

Outside of work and weight loss stuff I mainly just hang out with my dog lately. We’ve entered this new phase with Jackie where she’s SO FREAKING CUTE AND SWEET. There was a rough patch where she was the naughtiest dog in the world but she’s come around and has started to be so good and so much fun to have in our life! We love her to pieces and I can’t imagine life without her anymore.

The current most exciting thing we are looking forward to is WE’RE GONNA RENT A HOUSE hopefully! Yesterday we went out with a realtor and found the most amazing place that would work so well for our little family and my boyfriends sister who would move in with us as well. The kitchen is so big, there are windows all over and the house is so light AND our closet is big enough to fit in a twin sized bed and still have room for all of our stuff. I think the biggest reason I’m excited for this chapter in life is because we plan to sign a long lease and save up for a house to buy in the next few years. which is the MOST exciting thing to look forward to.

Anyway, that’s a little update with me. I’m happy and life is good. 🙂



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